About & Contact

Rethinking UK Research Funding is a group organised by researchers and former researchers at the University of Manchester. We held a meeting on 4th November 2015 as part of Policy@Manchester‘s Policy week 2015 and Manchester 2016 European City of Science to bring together key stakeholders to brainstorm possible solutions to the issues raised by short term funding in academic research and potential alternative models.

The core orgainsing team for the meeting were:
Pam Thompson
Hosam Aleem
Erin Baggaley
Sarah King Hele
Karin Lanthaler
Kassandra Papadopoulou

with help from Fiona Campbell

The meeting was supported by national UCU, UMUCU, and The University of Manchester’s Researcher Led Initiatives Scheme and Researcher Development Office


Left to right: Erin, Karin, Pam, Hosam, Fiona, Sarah and Kassandra

You can contact us by email to rethinkingresearch@gmail.com

Or on Twitter @RethinkingUK


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