“Thanks a lot to you and all the organisers and participants! There has been a brilliant selection of speakers and topics covered. A very active attendance and participation just shows how vital and topical the UK Research Funding theme is. It is high time policy makers started to do something about it to make it sustainable, effective and humane. A massive “well done” for bringing it to Manchester!”

“informally can I just let you know how much I enjoyed the event.  The speakers were very engaging and being new to the field I learnt a lot too.”

“Just to say many thanks to you and the team for all your hard work in organising and hosting today’s event. I really enjoyed it and found it stimulating and productive discussion, food for thought. Please keep me posted about any future events.”

“I just wanted to say congratulations for pulling off such a great event yesterday! It completely exceeded my expectations and the discussions that were stimulated were amazing.”

“Thank you for inviting me to such a great event. I learnt a great deal from the speakers and attendees and some good healthy debating. Thought the workshop element was particularly well done and it was clear that a lot of preparation had been put in.”


One thought on “Feedback

  1. Thank you for uploading speakers’ slides, as I was unable to attend the actual meeting. A few questions for Iain Cameron, please?
    (1) In your inflow/outflow slides (6 & 7), please could you provide similar slides showing the breakdown by gender, and by ethnicity or race?
    (2) I checked the RCUK website for career sustainability data, but the document there only provides data to 2009. Are similar data available to 2015?
    (3) Please could we see data for ‘years of continuous employment in an academic research environment, with research as part of the role’ against age-range, – again broken down by gender and ethnicity/race? Unwanted gaps in employment appropriate to an individual’s training and experience would suggest that society is wasting its high-level human resources.This factor requires scrutiny if the UK wishes to sustain international competitiveness.


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